Adam Emory Albright Impressionist Oil Painting Child at Spindle



Adam Emory Albright oil on canvas painting of a child at spindle. Depicts probably his son with his back turned at a sewing spindle to make clothing.  The painting is either probably Ivan or Adam Albright. Adam Emory Albright was the father of the famous twin brothers Ivan Albright and Malvin Albright, who were modernist painters in Chicago. Albright studied at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, which became the Art Institute of Chicago. His teacher was Thomas Eakins. He painted in an impressionistic style. In 1924, he purchased an abandoned Church in Warrenville. Him and his sons converted it to an artists’ studio. It is now the Albright studio museum.

Size of the work is 18X24 inches. With the frame it is 22.75X28.75. Has recently been fully restored to its original condition.


18″ x 24″ Frame: 22.75″ x 28.75″


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 34 × 6 in