Pastel Art is a type of medium that could also fit into the category of drawing.

The pastel art medium is pigment that has been bound to a stick form with a round shape. There are four kinds of pastels that include pastel pencils, soft pastels, hard pastels, and oil pastels. The end results can be stunning.

An interesting fact about pastels is that they never crack, yellow or darken over years. In addition, when properly framed and securely hung, the particles will stay fixed in place for centuries.

An example is this pastel by Charles Walter Simspson from 1943, of Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  The rainbow of colors fully capture the diversity of the architecture of downtown Chicago in all its glory. 

The history of pastel art began as early as the 15th century, and many French artists, such as Joseph Vivien, were creating pastel art, but some used it only in their initial projects. Mary Cassatt was who pastel to the United States.

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