Windy City Fine Art & Antiques, LLC began in 2004 ( officially incorporated in 2021). This was the same year that the Terra Museum of Art hosted an exhibition titled “Chicago Modern, 1893-1945: Pursuit of the New.” This start date was no coincidence.

The exhibition focused solely on artists who lived and worked in the Chicago area during this time period.

Walking through the rooms of the exhibition, I was blown away by the colors, brushstrokes, sites, and scenes that were presented in front of the viewer. Such incredible, mostly forgotten talents. I was instantly bitten by the bug.

My father started to collect Chicago artwork during college so I was already all too familiar with the cast of characters displayed in this exhibition. But I became even more intrigued. Windy City Fine Art & Antiques has been working very diligently to locate these great, lost treasures and would like to share them with you.

Some artists that we have for sale now and in the past include: Emil Armin, Aaron Bohrod, Macena Barton, Francis Chapin, Frances Foy, William Samuel Schwartz, Julia Thecla, etc..

We also carry Judaica, pieces of Asian descent, antiques, and miscellaneous items. Come shop with us and enjoy our fine selection of masterpieces.

  • Specializing in the sales of artwork from Chicago artists
  • 18 years of business experience of buying and selling antiques
  • Helping clients with getting their art appraised
  • International clientele and sales
  • Collaborations and donations to local museums