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Minna Citron Important New York WPA Artist Nude Woman Flapper! “Siren’s Song”


Harold Haydon Chicago modernist oil on canvas. Titled on the back “Odysseus Coming to Shore on Scheria.” A homage painting to ancient Greek mythology; Homer’s Odyssey. Size of the work is 13.5X19.5 inches. With the frame it is 18.75X14.75 inches. Housed in a beautiful frame. It appears the date is 1929, but it could be a bit later. Haydon taught art at the University of Chicago and was an adjunct teacher at Indiana University (Gary Campus). He later would invent his own style/ technique of artwork called “Binocular Vision,” where he painted scenes with double vision.  Painting is in great condition with minor craquelure throughout. Bright colors and ready to hang. A magnificent work for any serious art collector.

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Extremely rare WPA era painting on board by well listed New York modernist artist, Minna Citron. She was Jewish and worked for the WPA. The painting is titled “Siren Song.” It depicts a nude flapper woman sitting on a rock and facing an incoming boat. Museum quality piece. Size is 8X6.5 inches. With the frame it is 11.5X9 inches. Appears to be in excellent condition. Has the title on the back on a tag. A work recently sold by her for $25,000! A must own for any serious art collection.

Provenance: “Minna Citron: Exhibition of Paintings,” November 3 to November 20, 1939, Midtown Galleries, New York, New York.

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